About Us

The Beginning

Back in 2007 a game was launched which was based on one of the most Legendary stories of all time, "Lord of the Rings Online". If you are not familiar with it, the game was much like your traditional MMO, but with Tolkien Lore added into it. You could go to Bree and visit the Prancing Pony, or the Green Dragon in the Shire. Yes, if you did not already notice drinking was much a part of this story and still is in some ways.

After some time a Kinship (Guild) was abandoned and handed down to a hobbit named, Jimbrosil. At the time there was only himself in the Kinship until he met Johnno and a fellow named Andib. As time went on this Kinship went from 3 to many more and was known as, The warriors of Shadowbane. These folks had many
adventures and learned how to work together to progress in your traditional MMO. By the time the next expansion launched this Kinship became pros at running raids, instances, having social events, Dueling matches, you name it and they did it.

As time went on the Kinship was divided and the, "Thirteenth Legion", was formed in 2009 by the 2nd In Command, Johnno Antony.

Our History

Thus a page turned and the Age of a new era emerged. Raids, events, parties, ect continued and many of the traditions from the old guild were incorporated. The 13th continued their adventures in Lotro and made a name for themselves on the
Brandywine server. They completed many challenges of difficult raids and were assisted by an Allied formed group called, "Onekin". A young elven Lady named Khaelyn started the group and every Kinship worked together to complete objectives in the game using this group channel. It was a great way for folks in
different Kinships to communicate without all being in the same Kinship.

As most games do, lotro aged and changed. A new game was on the horizon and of course based on another Legendary story known as, "Star Wars the Old Republic". Several people from Lotro jumped into this game right away and really got into it. The game itself had a rough start but eventually stablized. The
Thirteenth Legion had left Middle Earth to be part of a Galaxy far far way. The traditions were carried over into this new game and continued in a somewhat different matter, but none the less, they had a blast roaming the Galaxy.

Between these 2 games, "The 13th Legion | Order", has bounced back and forth over a decade and continue to play them because they were made so damn good and have the greatest stories. Now its 2022 and we are back in Lotro once again as the, Thirteenth Legion! Our goals are to play casually
as we always have and work towards End Game Raiding! We hope to see and welcome you to our Kinship!

"From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring